Ansel Elgort + Shailene Woodley

We’re comfortable with each other. We trust each other. It was good … we’re pretty honest with each other and we’re both pretty honest with ourselves.

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“What happened to her is that in spite of losing her parents and her brother, her aunt, her friends again and again, she lost the person she singularly believed to be the man she was going to spend all of eternity with. I think there’s a special form of grief that comes attached to that, which will be difficult to get past, but also the choices she makes at how to move on will be very interesting to watch.”
— Julie Plec, Can Elena really move on? [x]
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Favourite Movies: Matilda (1996)

"Everyone is born, but not everyone is born the same. Some will grow to be butchers, or bakers, or candlestick makers. Some will only be really good at making Jell-O salad. One way or another, though, every human being is unique and special, for better or for worse."
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i compiled some pics of dreamworks female characters who were introduced in the same years as disney female characters- rapunzel, anna, and honey lemon

its up to you to decide which company is more progressive when designing female characters who appear distinct from the company’s last female protagonist, even tho its sorta extremely obvious  

wow Disney, after all the stuff people have been telling you, you went and fucking did it again. do you think we’re absolutely ignorant? fucking hell…

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she literally embodies the idea of determination and fierceness

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Favorite Television Series: (as voted by my followers)
#14. American Horror Story: Coven (2013-2014)
"We really don’t need a man to protect us.”
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Emma Stone outside the Good Morning America studios before an interview on July 16th 2014 in New York City 
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