"[I would rather] have a dragon. Which I do in my dreams every night when I AM Daenerys Stormborn of the house Targaryen.” - Kristen Bell

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the oc | hart of dixie

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Disguised as a Mayan ruin in the jungles of Chiapas, the Mexican School for Enriched Magical Studies is a sturdy moss-covered structure blanketed by lush greenery. The students are no strangers to muggle tourists ambling about, and will often pose as fellow tourists or locals and interact with them, making them one of the most outgoing, lively, and tolerant communities in the wizarding world. For festivals, students like to don vibrant headdresses, and the school becomes a kaleidoscope of colour as girls twirl around like tops, their skirts lifting up into the air, filling empty space with colour and painting the school with embellished splendour. The campus often reverberates with music from the school’s ghost mariachi band who plays cheerfully day and night; although it tends to get annoying at times, the constant activity makes the school feel like home.
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TWD Meme - Six Quotes [2/6]

What time is it?

I never know what time it is anymore. Ever since I gave Glenn my watch, it’s always right now to me. ~ Hershel Greene in A

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Teen Wolf cast supporting Dylan and/or The Maze Runner. (◡‿◡✿)

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I’m worried about everyone.

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The Orphan Black Cast on their favorite clone.

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